Studio Spotlight: Studio Spring

At Studio Spring, their main priority is to help you create the happiest version of yourself by combining movement and connection. A social space that values community, Studio Spring is opening a third location where you can build strength, gain confidence and foster friendships.

How many studios do you have now?

We have 2 studios in Adelaide. Stepney is purely reformer, yoga and an infrared sauna, our Goodwood studio however is a 4 room space: reformer, yoga/mat, sauna and small group gym classes. Excitingly and terrifyingly, we have also just signed a lease for our 3rd Adelaide studio, set to open in early 2024. This studio will be the missing piece to our puzzle, capping out our triangle around the city with the perfect little ocean side addition to our family.

What made you decide to expand and open a new location?

My team wanted more. I only ever opened 1 with the intention to just have one. I guess not ancitipating as much success that we received, 6 months in my brain started to think to expansion, to ensure my full time trainers had enough work and hours and experiences within the brand to sustain them. I ultimately decided to grow for them, they wanted more, our studio was busting at the seams so it seemed the clients wanted more and we all wanted to see what this brand could be.

Our most recent studio that is yet to open, wasn’t something we were looking for, however the location popped up and the space worked. We have always said, we will only open in spaces that fit the perfect location brief, so being about 500m from the water and in a fairly untapped area of Adelaide it was the perfect piece.

How do you ensure each studio has its own identity?

Each studio naturally adopts its own personality within the first 6 months. However I would say, we strive more for consistency in the ‘feeling’ across the studios. We work toward ensuring our trainers and team are bright, bubbly, warm and welcoming and each client experience is positive from start to finish.
Our focus is on connection and a deeper meaning behind our client-trainer relationship. So if this feeling is missing in our studios then something is really wrong. Both studios epitomise this identity, our trainers are besties with our clients and we really are a big family. In terms of the aesthetic, we always aim for bright, natural light, big windows, lots of greenery, crisp white finishes and curved edges. The touches we add in from there vary. But overall I would say the identity remains as a warm, bright, sunny space, filled with flowers and chilled energy. Moving into a 3rd space, we will probably begin to take on a slight sea-side feel with the styling that goes into the studio. While still staying true to the signature pieces within our spaces. We will try and pay homage to the limestone coastlines of Port Willunga in South Australia and fill the space with experiences that the community craves.

Were you faced with any challenges when deciding to expand?

I guess more so just personal challenges, my own self doubt, negative self talk, anxiety and overthinking about how things could potentially pan out. A fear of failure. But no physical challenges. Third time round, I am feeling more mentally sound, I trust in my abilities and I have faith in what we as a team are capable of. I have put a lot of effort into learning to surrender to what is and am working on trying to control things less. I am excited to enjoy the build process of the new space this time and see how the community naturally blooms upon opening.

What can clients expect from the new studio?

The same group of bubbly, energetic trainers who feel like family. Bright natural light and simple styling. Our class styles are always refining and adapting. We offer a modernised approach to reformer. We dont call it pilates, we offer an array of classes and take a strong approach to
Strength/hypertrophy training on the reformer. Brandi and I put a lot of effort into our offering and class types and have been developing our style for 2 years now. A simple, effective programming method that aligns with everyone. So more of this, for our west side community.

Have you or would you ever consider expanding outside of Adelaide?

Definitely! When the time is right, and when we have enough resources to keep our grass roots team running smoothly and happily. If the right opportunity presents we would definitely openly explore it.

If not, what makes the Adelaide community so special?

Our Adelaide community is insane, however I am a strong believer in like attracting like, and you receive the energy you Give. So with the right team leading the way, we will always build incredible communities. This is why I am so selective in my team and trainers because they set the tone of what something will become.

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