You’ll walk out of this studio in full bloom


We left this studio with a literal spring in our step! With a fresh, sunny approach to Pilates, Founder Lauren Sebastiani and team have made a commitment to create a place which is more than somewhere you go to work out. The hope is for all customers to have genuine human connection and community, to empower each other to be the best version of themselves.


Image courtesy of Studio Spring


Tell us about your studio when did it open?

Studio Spring is an Adelaide based brand founded April 2021, with two physical studio locations within Adelaide. Our first Studio opened 21st August 2021 in Stepney, a central suburb located within the inner east of Adelaide! And our Second location opened on the 27th of August 2022 in Goodwood, on the outskirts of the South edge of the City in Adelaide.


How did the idea come about?

I (Lauren – Co-Founder and Managing director) have been a reformer instructor for 5 Years now. I started teaching in Norwood, Adelaide while completing my Masters of Physiotherapy Degree. I always thought my passion was to be a Physio. After delving into the private practice world of Physiotherapy, my mental health severely deteriorated. It wasn’t until my boyfriend (and business partner) noticed how happy I was when teaching Pilates and suggested we open our own studio. I said no about 15 times and a year later, he finally convinced me.

Studio Spring as a brand quickly became the result of a lot of hard work and dedication from myself and my four business partners (including three males in the hospitality / night club industry). A fun, fresh brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously!


What was the idea behind the studio? Where did you get your inspiration? 

The idea behind the studio was to be warm, light, carefree, non-judgemental. Our Inspo just came from the feeling we wanted people to have when entering the studio, which is basically just Sunshine in studio form! We take inspiration for our fit outs from Pinterest and lots of different global studios. But the brand itself was authentic and grew from a small idea and changed as our vision grew.


Image courtesy of Studio Spring


What is your signature style of Pilates?

Strength based, specific, functional, simple and effective! We don’t want people to do Pilates to make it look aesthetic or to try and take cool pictures. We want people to come, get an effective, simple workout that hits the spot and fill their cup with laughter and authentic connection with our team of trainers.


Why is it different?

The workout itself might not be too dissimilar to many other reformer studios around the country. But the feeling and the energy is one of a kind. Larger than life trainers that do not take themselves too seriously, trainers that literally feel like your best friend, clients that feel like family. Boutique fit out, character and quirkiness.


What is your favourite feedback you’ve received?

So much to choose from, but this one always pulls at my heart strings. I try and read it daily as a constant reminder of my ‘why’.

“I just wanted to email you with some feedback about Studio Spring! Prior to coming to your studio, I was doing reformer Pilates on and off for over a year and a half and tried a couple of different places. I really struggled to stay consistent as there was no sense of community and some classes the instructors wouldn’t speak to me at all. I spent my time waiting for the class to be over so I could tick it off my to-do-list. Since coming to Studio Spring, I feel as though I have found what I was missing. I get so excited to go to classes and every trainer is genuinely so welcoming, fun and good at what they do. I love that the trainers I have been to so far are all so unique and offer something different. You have created such beautiful, enjoyable and safe space that I feel so lucky to be a part of. I hope you are so proud of what you have been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.”


Image courtesy of Studio Spring


Why do you do what you do / teach? 

For the feedback I just shared above. Giving people a sense of belonging, sharing part of myself with others, being vulnerable with others and getting to know people that genuinely became my friends all because of Pilates. I feel so lucky to hold space with people.


You sometimes train at other studios – tell us about the industry as it seems very supportive and collaborative? 

I don’t personally teach at other studios as the studio owner of Studio Spring. But Studio Spring feels so different to so many other studios I taught at prior to opening Studio Spring. The culture of the team, the kindness of the clients, the warmth of the space. The environment is genuinely supportive. The trainers don’t compete over who’s the most popular trainer and we don’t pit clients against each other on how heavy their dumbbells are or how heavy their springs are.


When you work out yourself what do you do? How often do you do it ?

I try and do 2-3 reformer classes a week, however this has been quite challenging since opening our second studio. Finding time to exercise for yourself can be so challenging as a trainer and as an owner. I am excited to dedicate the rest of Spring and Summer to my own health and wellness so I can fill my cup and continue to give back to others.


What are your personal interests beyond Pilates?

Coffee dates and connection chats with friends, dogs, the beach, camping, road trips, family! Wine in the early afternoon on a Friday in the Sunshine! All the good stuff!


What do you look for in studio wear?

Comfort always, material that doesn’t hold dog hair (I have 3 dogs haha), so material that is easy to brush the hair off with my hands so I can still cuddle my babies, simplicity in colours and patterns, pockets!!


How do you style your pieces from studio and beyond?

Tie your jumper around your waist or around your shoulders, add some sunnies a nice bag and cool slides and you’re good to go, straight from a class or teaching to brunch or wine with the girls.


Workout playlist … GO!

Disco, always, always, any day of the week. My most played playlist is Disco Stu can Still Boogaloo, curated by me of course, filled with 70’s disco classics! Something in there for everyone!


Is there an art to creating a studio playlist? If so, what is it? 

Unexpected, versatility, light and shade, elicit a feeling of nostalgia in others, enjoy it yourself so you can get yourself in the zone to teach or workout! If it doesn’t motivate you, it probably won’t motivate others.


Do you wear jewellery when you work out?

I wear two bracelets every day and don’t take them off, I wear simple pieces, gold always. One is a bracelet my team of trainers gifted to me with is a tiny dainty gold bracelet with an ’S’ for Studio Spring on it. I love it. Otherwise I don’t wear any jewellery as I worry it will ruin it on the reformer.


Low or high-tops?

Low tops for me!


One thing/ accessory you wouldn’t leave the house without.

My laptop and my lip gloss!


How would you describe your personal style in three words?

Simple, baggy, comfy.