They say, good things come in threes and there is no exception to this rule when it comes to Warrior One Yoga, who have been carving out their footprint in the Bayside area of The Mornington Peninsula as well as Brighton and Mordialloc.

Tell us about the Mornington Warrior One Yoga studio. How is it different from your other studios?

Mornington is the newest of our three bayside studios, having been established just three years ago. It's also the largest among our three studios, comfortably accommodating up to 35 yoga mats and a spacious, coastal-inspired reception and lounge area for our yogis.

How did the idea for this studio come about?

When the lease for our Mornington space became available during a challenging year of lockdowns it was originally intended as a temporary pop-up. We're thrilled that it has become a permanent fixture!

What is your signature yoga style, and what sets it apart?

Our signature class is Vinyasa flow, characterized by its flowing blend of breath and mindful movement. We also offer a balanced range of class styles, including slow flow, vinyasa fundamentals, and relaxing yin yoga.

What is the community vibe like at Mornington?

Really epic and engaged! Our community is made up of yogis who love to practice regularly and many who have been with us since our opening week, as well as visitors to the area or those working nearby. We welcome individuals of all ages and practice levels, from experienced yogis to beginners. It's not uncommon to have a wide age range in our classes too, spanning from 12 years old up to 70!

What is the most memorable feedback you’ve received from your clients?

We are so grateful for all the positive feedback from the Mornington community, one comment that touches our hearts every time though, is when students express, "This place changed my life!" or "You won't believe what this space means to me; coming here every day has been transformative." Feedback like this is such a gift.

Highest rotating playlist… GO!

You can pick any you like!
We have an epic collection of yoga playlists on Spotify!

Is there an art to creating a yoga class playlist? If so, what is it?

Crafting the perfect yoga playlist is about setting the right tone throughout the class! Your playlist should complement different parts of your sequence, align with the class type, and match the energy you want to create at various points in the class. For example, start with an ambient, instrumental track to ground students and set the theme for practice. Use high-energy songs during the peak or most active part of your sequence and soothing, relaxing music for savasana.


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