12 MAY 2021

The Taurus new moon arrives as welcome panacea to a turbulent Aries moon cycle. Operating as herald of eclipse season, our next new moon grounds us firmly in the body as vehicle for the transformation that lies ahead.


In Taurus the pleasure principle is compass, grounded in the realm of the senses. For this to be operating at maximum capacity and efficiency our relationship to the body basics comes under the spotlight. If it isn’t making you feel good, it isn’t good for you. This is true of our most frequented environs, roles and responsibilities too.


The Taurus new moon on the rise calls us to make manifest our desires for our lives. Where Aries demanded we take action, Taurus asks us to ground this action in right relationship to ourselves and the world we inhabit. To realise our dreams and follow the call of our purpose, we must ensure we are coming from an abundance mindset rather than a limiting scarcity. If you believe you can’t, won’t or shouldn’t, you will invariably prove yourself right.


The new moon trines Pluto retrograding over the rocky ground of late stage Capricorn, calling us to embrace our shadows as the seat of our power. You cannot outrun, outwit or hide from embedded shadow, but you can choose to no longer dig stubborn heels in or point the finger outside yourself. A tough square to Saturn in Aquarius asks us to trade our fixed old ways and means in order to establish future focused foundations on which we can build our dreams. Jupiter in close proximity expands possibility and the potential for deeper understanding and fresh learning. A sextile to Neptune in his home state of Pisces adds a dreamy patina and shamanic potential to those ready, willing and able to hitch themselves to their deepest desires.


Consider this Taurus new moon the ground floor of eclipse season. This entry point must be well rooted in sense and sensuality, keenly connected to the wisdom held in the body as truest barometer and guide. A wonderful time to set intentions that your future self will thank you for, as you begin putting one foot firmly in front of the other in that direction.


Crystal: Rose Quartz / Hematite

Flower: Pink Tiger Lily

Spirit Animal: Bear

Look: Earthy, floral and fragrant

Ritual: Begin a daily pleasure practice that cultivates joy in your body every day through movement, nourishment and self-care.


Bohomofo is an Australian writer and astrologer who blogs daily her Astro for the New World. You can join Bohomofo online for regular full and dark moon events that include the astrological inside running, ritual, meditation and storytelling. Bohomofo hosts The Coven Electric for the witch-curious and works by day as a tarot reader and shadow guide. Discover her magic on Insta here or at www.bohomofo.com