Taurus Season: A Period of Grounding and Consolidation

As the Sun gracefully transitions into Taurus on April 20th, it invites you to find stability after a tumultuous eclipse season. For intelligent women who navigate life's complexities through the guidance of astrology, this cosmic shift promises a period of grounding and consolidation.

Emerging from a fiery Aries season, which ignited your inner passions and propelled you towards new beginnings, Taurus emerges as a reliable ally. With its patient determination, this earthy sign encourages you to anchor your intentions and pursue your aspirations.

Now is your time to put your head down, bum up and cultivate your ideas, and to witness them take shape in the material world. Taurus, with its liking for sensory indulgence, reminds you to savor life's pleasures while remaining resolute in your convictions. It beckons you to strike a harmonious balance between advocating for your principles and relishing in earthly delights.

Your question to journal on this week:

“How can I create without the burden of expectation, allowing joy to be my compass?”

As you embark on this journey of productivity and self-realization, channel your energies, becoming an unstoppable force of innovation and perseverance. And amidst the hustle and bustle, let us not forget the importance of the pleasures in life, nurturing your connections and making love at the end of the day.

Erin Rose, the creatress of Light Witch, is a captivating and enchanting guide, who weaves a tapestry of wonder and magic into the lives of those seeking personal growth. With expertise in the Energetic Body, Yoga and the transformative energies of Aura-Soma®, she has guided countless individuals towards deep peace and self-acceptance.

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