20 April 2021

Taurus season is a standing invitation to dive all the way back into the body, in case you inexplicably lost your way. The looking glass of the modern world too often holds us trapped in our minds, a prison of our own making. Taurus season calls our senses back from the flames of Aries, reclaims our body and places it firmly on even footing, grounding us back in the natural world. This transitional year it comes with a powerful kicker.


Hurling lightning from the outer reaches, Urania has been comfortably ensconced in the little bull’s territory since way back in 2018, which seems like several lifetimes ago now. You may sooner recall the constant zaps throughout Aquarius season this year as Urania reminded everything clustered in Aquaria that he courts revolution, invention and ch-ch-changes. This is no longer just a square dance, although Saturn beaming his reconstruction rays from Aquaria also flavours this year’s Taurean elixir. But its most unpredictable ingredient will be the planet tasked with wake up calls, shock and awe. The Uranian rutbuster hidden in plain sight amidst a super Scorpy full moon and its ruler Pluto turning retrograde.


It is the beautiful balm of Taurus that invites us to assimilate change the only way it sticks: through your body and steady attention to it. The divine vessel that is our true home in this life never lies. Its constant communication, now moving in tandem with Merc’s eclipse of our minds here, invites us to push our own outer reaches to create a spacious expansion anchored firmly in our values, needs and wants. Self care, but make it transformational.


The pleasure principle is unwavering compass here, grounded in the realm of the senses. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. But when it does, aligned with our cosmic changemakers’ gentle nudges and wild shoves, your brave new world arrives with a welcome nuzzle.


Taurus seeks security and stability, keenly aware of what it needs to have and to hold. The Taurean world view is values based, solid and dependable to the point of being utterly immovable. Sensation junkies par excellence with a penchant for luxe, languorous rolling in the grass and all kinds of sweet treats, Taureans are gloriously grounded in the realm of the senses. It is this deeply felt connection to life, land and their physical selves that feeds their intuitive gifts and empathic understanding. Lovers of lushness and the good life, these Venus ruled natives live in ardent pursuit of the pleasure principle. If it doesn’t feel good, they don’t. If it doesn’t appeal to their senses, they cannot be moved. Their stubbornness is as formidable as their horns if you wave a red flag in front of this little bull.


As mere mortals wandering through the lush fields of Taurean delights, we have all been invited back into the birthright of our bodies and the loving embrace of the natural world. The only place we can ground change is in the body. Otherwise it’s just in our head. We can tell ourselves that we need to do more, rest more, be more until the cows come home and then make no changes to our obligations or exhaustion or frustration. Those days are always numbered. There is no complicated secret to self-care, no hidden agenda beyond loving the skin you’re in. We have come home to the little bull’s sprawling fields of joy, no matter what state we arrive in. True self care is build on a tending relationship to ourselves and our bodies at all levels; not as an obligation but as a devotion. This is the raison d’etre of Taurus, as second sign in the zodiac. Birthed by the fire of Aries and its sparks, change now takes shape and form in the body.


Connect to your true nature and worship at the temple, darklings.


Full Moon in Scorpio on April 27

New Moon in Taurus on May 12


Image credit: @astrocult


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