This season we celebrate the athlete and our love of all things sport. Championing team spirit and a sense of camaraderie “Team Official” is centred on unity, a one-for-all collection to bring out the best in you!

In a quick Q&A our Founder Jodhi Meares talks more about her love of sport and shares some of her favourite pieces from the collection.

Favourite sporting event?

Winter Olympics: Figure Skating, Katerina Vitt was my childhood hero, really beautiful skater from East Germany who won two Olympic gold medals, first at the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics and the second at the 1988 Calgary Olympics.

Summer Olympics: Gymnastics, I was a gymnast as a kid and loved it so much!

Most memorable sporting moment?

Winning my first Trophy was my absolute most memorable moment and I won it in figure skating. It was quite the event! We had a little bit of an outfit crisis. My mum bought me this pink Lycra outfit and all I wanted was for it to have fluffy trims… so she quickly sewed them at the rink just before my event, however not thinking about how Lycra works, they broke when I pulled them over my head (laughs). There was fluff everywhere! I was so upset, but like a true champion I pulled it together and I won…I was traumatised but I won!

Favourite pieces from the Team Offical collection?

I have so many favourites! But I really can’t go past these three:

Mishka Bra and Midi Pant in classic Navy with a metallic racing stripe down one leg is a must. Perfect to take from the studio to the street.

Alena Crew and Track Pant. I love a soft chic track, it is perfect to travel in and can be so easily paired with a blazer and a slide. Alena Crew and Track Pant is elevated with a detail sleeve and tapered cup leg, made in the most comfortable cotton jersey.

Budi Seamless story which is a soft smooth jacquard and perfectly body hugging. I love the logo detail and contrasting Jacquard trim.