As avid coffee drinkers and Darlinghurst locals, you will often find us at our trusty general store, Darlo General. Owner Mia’s warm welcoming personality has helped cultivate a community space loved by many and a wonderful place to gather.

Darlo General is not your average corner store. Serving up great coffee and locally made artisan treats alongside a curated selection of thoughtful homewares and gorgeous gifts…DG feels more like a Byron holidayscape but one that’s right on your doorstep.

With creativity and inspiration flowing through her veins it’s no wonder why Mia’s daughter Bella, has followed in her footsteps creating  La Robe Club, which is a host’s best friend and stocked at DG.

Serving up a selection of table and homewares that embrace tradition, craftsmanship and levity, LRC hopes to bring people together around the table.

Drawing from Bella’s Italian heritage, where no place is as sacred as the kitchen/dining room, La Robe has been designed to honour the humble act of hosting. Think Nonna’s kitchen meets the 21st century.

This holidays, it’s exactly where you will find us bringing together a truly joyful setting for our family and friends to gather.


Bella wears Kala Rory Bra, Peached Spin Short, Sundance Dominique Crew, Mia wears Pupside Dusty Tee, Jupiter Pant




MIA – It’s all about meaningful gifts that resonate with the givers as well as the receivers, it’s truly about joy and connection. There is equal amounts joy in giving as there is in receiving.

From secret Santa’s to gifts for loved ones, it’s about the thought and Darlo General is stocked with all sorts of goodies that are fun, personal and meaningful.

We also offer a cost free, planet friendly gift-wrapping service using gorgeous fabrics, vintage ribbon and dried fruit.  This part brings us bundles joy.


BELLA – I find the best way to gift with meaning is to think practically. What does this person need? Will bring a smile to their face? Can I see them using this gift time and time again?

La Robe offers a range of home and tableware’s designed to stand the test of time. We have something for everyone.

The Entertainer: Tapered Candles, Place Card Set

The Home Body: White Lace Dinner Napkins, Polished Silver Candle Snuffer

The Couple: Linen Pearl Cocktail Napkin, Butter Dish




MIA – The Holiday Season for me is spent with love & intention, I embrace the traditions gently.  Generally, I opt for a slower pace, I’ve learnt to say no to the overindulgence as it gives me a chance to be present for those I love.  I slow cook, decorate my home with homemade decorations – this year it’s all about dried citrus wreaths & garlands. Mostly it’s about gratitude and love and that’s what brings me JOY!

BELLA – For me, what brings joy over the holiday season are the traditions. Dressing the tree with Mum has been a yearly ritual since before I can remember. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the toasted Panettone on Christmas morning and the smell of a slow roast lamb.  Some of my fondest memories have been spent around the Christmas lunch table, talking and reminiscing on the year that’s been. It’s the little things that create a sense of joy.





Candles, Candle holders, Bundle of 3 candles, Pink resin bowl, Napkins