The Skin Freshener You Need This Spring

Tracing its roots all the way back to Florence in 1221, Italian brand Sant Maria Novella uses all-natural ingredients extracted from their own garden in Florence to create their unique scent that is shared with millions around the world. 

We spoke with Agence de Parfum’s Fragrance Expert Michael Marzano about Santa Maria Novella’s Acqua di Rose. Michael teaches us about the history of Acqua di Rose, as well as the many healing properties that this multifaceted product possesses.


Q: How does this product make you feel when applying it?

The sublime sensoriality of Acqua di Rose immediateTy delivers a sensation of freshness, and calming hydration to the skin, imparting a delicate and soothing trace of rose.

Q: When is the right time to use a product like this and how would you integrate it into your routine?

Acqua di Rose is a multifaceted product that can be utilised as a refreshing post cleanse toning and gentle refiner applied with cotton pads, or just as a gentle facial splash, as a skin freshener that can be applied throughout the day.


Q: As the seasons change and it's becoming Spring, why should you consider a product like this?


Spring is fundamentally a time when the skin is irritated by allergens resulting in heightened skin conditions such as hives and other related flare ups. Acqua di Rose helps soothe and calm the skin, as well as delivering antioxidant protection and hydration.


Q: Acqua di Rose was firstly sold as a natural remedy, tell us more about this history of healing?


The first record of the production and sale of “Acqua di Rose” with medicinal properties dates back to 1381. The decades of the black plague were particularly harsh for the people afflicted by it; this was for this reason the Dominican friars began distilling Rose Water. At that time this water was used both to sanitize rooms and for personal care as a mild medicine, diluted with wine or taken as pills.



Q: Tell us about the history of roses used as a healing property? What benefits do roses have?


Rose aroma lends itself to calm and soothe not only the skin, but mood as well. Roses possess gentle refining and anti-microbial benefits for the skin, as well as being a powerful antioxidant to protect the skin from oxidative stress.


Q: Tell us about how this fragrance can transport you?


Rose is inextricably linked to nostalgia, and as such memories. Visions of manicured Rose Gardens, rose plantations, fragranced rosewater in Turkish Delight, rose petal tea, and the glorious warmth of summer and blue skies.


Q: Why should this be the newest product you add to your line-up?


The sublime sensoriality of Acqua di Rose immediately delivers a sensation of freshness, and calming hydration to the skin, imparting a delicate and soothing trace of rose.


Great in flight and as a travel companion, top draw of your desk for a 3pm pick me up, and a spray to set your makeup all day and into the night.