It's not too late to set your New Year’s intentions, here's why!

Haven't set intentions yet? Shed that guilt, darling—I'm about to spill the cosmic tea.

Erin Rose, the creatress of Light Witch shares advice on how to set your New Year's intentions in 2024.

In a world shackled to the Monday-to-Friday grind, where 9-to-5 feels like an eternal loop with a meager two-week escape clause at year-end, society thrusts upon us the colossal task of restoring ourselves from the overwhelming year. And, oh, don’t forget the expectations to conjure up the perfect holiday magic, complete with thoughtful Christmas gifts. As if that weren't enough, the New Year hits, and suddenly, we're expected to have our resolutions locked and loaded.

Let's get real; most of us welcomed the New Year with a bang, trading intentions for a night of disco dancing and champagne to blow off steam. So, how, in the aftermath of such festivities, are we supposed to summon the mental prowess needed to craft clear resolutions?

I, for one, dance to the rhythm of the lunisolar calendar, where the moon circles around the earth every 27.322 days, and the earth's axis spins to conduct the peaks of light and shadow throughout the year. Forget the Gregorian calendar, with its 30 days in September, April, June, and November, plus an occasional leap year. No, I prefer a dance that respects the cosmic choreography.

While much of society adheres to the Monday-to-Friday workweek, orchestrated by a certain Christian Roman Emperor back in 321 AD, I opt for a system that respects my rhythm—a rhythm that acknowledges the sacred menstrual cycles gifted to half the population.

It's not just me; numerous Eastern cultures align with the lunisolar calendar, welcoming the new year at the second new moon post-solstice, usually around early February. You've heard of the Chinese New Year, right? Now, think about it; making new year intentions in February aligns perfectly as our routines regain their familiar pattern after a busy Christmas period, and the kids are back in school.

By embracing the lunisolar calendar and attuning ourselves to the moon's cycles, we gain an intelligent perspective on our energy levels and mental capacity. Consider it a cosmic blueprint, tailored to our unique rhythms.

As we synchronize ourselves with the lunar ebb and flow, we honor the introverted vibes during the new moon and embrace your extroverted goddess around the full moon. It's about aligning with the universe, not some archaic man-made calendar.

So, take the pressure off; the time to set your intentions for the year is February. I encourage you to create time in your calendar to spend two to three hours nourishing your nervous system with yoga and meditation before journaling all your dreams and visions on paper. Heck, you might even get crafty and make a vision board. Choose words that stand out to you, aligning with your 2024 values, and make all decisions from here on based around your values. Now, watch yourself evolve and grow in the direction you've been hoping for.

For those seeking lunar festivities this January, see the Full Moon Rise Retreat in Byron Bay Hinterland, and celebrate the full moon rising with Yin Yoga, Sound Healing, Shaking Medicine and Ecstatic Dance.

Erin Rose, the creatress of Light Witch, is a captivating and enchanting guide, who weaves a tapestry of wonder and magic into the lives of those seeking personal growth. With expertise in the Energetic Body, Yoga and the transformative energies of Aura-Soma®, she has guided countless individuals towards deep peace and self-acceptance.

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