Efficient tips a frequent flyer stand by…

 We take a minute to talk travel with Athan Didaskalou, co-founder of July, the fast-growing Melbourne-based luggage brand that we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with to bring all our holiday dreams come true.

If anyone knows about how to do the very delicate packing game, it’s Athan, so with his tips and the innovative features of your new THE UPSIDE X JULY luggage you’ll be ready to jet from one sandy beach to the next in no time.


Why is July the ultimate luggage to travel with?
July luggage has everything you need in a suitcase. A power bank to charge your phone, a handle that stops at any height, and wheels that can glide on cobblestones. It’s the ultimate travel companion.

What do you love about the July x THE UPSIDE collaboration luggage?
THE UPSIDE have designed their dream July case using their prints and colours, and it makes us feel like we’re already on holidays!

What are 5 tips you would give someone for packing the perfect suitcase?
– Try and go carry-on only
– Packing cells make all the difference
– Keep your tech gear all in one section for easy removal at security
– Roll, don’t fold. It makes it easier to see what you’ve packed at a glance
– Remember to leave some space for things you’ll buy on your trip!

Does everyone need packing cubes? Are they a best-kept secret?
Yes, they really are. Once you pack with cells you never go back. Compartmentalising your clothes is the easiest way to see what you’ve got and not lose things in a mess at the hotel.


Does your suitcase stay neat, or do you repack in between each destination?
I always need to repack; every day is a new day.

What are the non-negotiables for carry-on packing? Is this different to you stow away luggage and what would you always put in your carry on?
You always need quick access body refreshments in your toiletry kit – some skincare, moisturiser, toothbrush, deodorant. This way you can freshen up on the plane just before you get off and feel better after a long-haul flight. The other important thing to carry is power – a power bank or two and access to cables etc. Things that will keep you charged up and moving.