Transeasonal beauty


 This time of year, at FENN, founders Clare and Nicole recommend turning your focus to repair and hydration and layering your skincare essentials, the same way you would your transeasonal wardrobe pieces, to get back on top of your skin health.  

What’s most important is to not only have a topical approach, but also think about what you’re eating so your skin can glow from the inside out.

Follow the below and establish a new ritual with the weather changes to support you through the next season. 


After a long, hot summer our skin can benefit from nourishing serums, oils and creams. It’s an ideal time of year to commence or increase your Vitamin A or retinol-based treatments which work to repair and revitalise skin, evening out skin tone and reducing fine lines.

Start layering in a nourishing facial oil over your nightly moisturiser to boost the hydration factor, as well as switching out foam or gel-based cleansers for cream or oil-based cleansers which don’t strip the skin whilst cleansing.

 It’s also important not to overdo the exfoliation throughout autumn and winter; stick to once a week, which leaves skin less prone to irritation.

FENN’s resident naturopath Alice Flannery recommends adjusting your diet to include warm, grounding foods to support the body's transition into the cooler months.

 A change in seasons calls for a change-up in the diet, to ensure we are consuming seasonal foods that are in alignment with our body's changing needs.

Alice Flannery’s top tips:

Embrace seasonal produce: pears, beetroot, cauliflower, carrot, pumpkin, spinach, silverbeet, potatoes, zucchini

Begin to support the immune system before the barrage of winter colds - include ginger, garlic & turmeric in abundance, a daily bone or mushroom broth with these herbs and spices is a great immune and gut supportive supplement.

Swap cold water for room temperature or warming herbal teas to support hydration

Increase intake of omega 3 fatty acids as these act as an internal moisturiser for the skin - important for the cooler months. Think oily fish, walnuts, chia seeds & hemps seeds and extra virgin olive oil