Winter Romance
Summer’s end is nigh, alas. However, that doesn’t mean the foliage of your love life must wither like a bereft elm that reaches toward the grey, godless sky in solitary supplication. No, luckily for us, love (like money, rust, and Las Vegas) never sleeps. Why? Because the Stars, in their ceaseless toil on the exercise bike of the Zodiac, keep pumping out romance transits daily, monthly, yearly, eternally.
The main planets to focus on when it comes to romance are the two “Benefics,” Venus (love) and Jupiter (marriage and luck), while the important zones to look at in a chart are Romance and Partnerships (also known as the 5th and 7th Houses, respectively). We should also attend to the Selfhood sector of a chart (also known as the 1st House), as it manifests how we appear to mates and suitors. In essence, Venus and/or Jupiter highlighting any of these zones tends to bear romantic fruit ready for the picking.
Other planets, of course, are also important for determining our love outlook. For example, the Moon (our emotional pulse) will influence how we might be feeling about romance on certain days. Because it moves quickly through signs (it stays in each about 2 days), the Moon is a good planet around which to set particular dates (like a marriage or sensual date night). By the same token, however, the Moon’s changeability makes it harder to predict longer romance transits with it.
Nor should we forget Mars. While it is a malefic, baleful force known for strife, war, and mischief,  it, nonetheless, plays a major role in our drives and passions. A Mars well-placed can provide that elusive “chemistry” we look for in romance.
And then, last but not least, the Sun brings energy, light, and life to specific areas of the chart through which it is coursing. Its sojourns in the Romance or Partnerships zones make for especially fertile times for planting the seeds of love or reaping their bountiful harvest.
Given this very brief astrological romance primer, please find below your sign’s optimal cuffing zone for the upcoming months, so you can plan when best to wear the perfect Winter sweater on a date with starry destiny.
Your romance hotspot this Winter stretches from 3 May to 28 May. That’s when you’ve got either one or both benefics perfuming your Selfhood/Ego zone. It doesn’t get much better than that, Ram. Venus will bring beauty and charm to your mein and Jupiter luck to your life. Venus in the Ego sector also suggests more love and kindness toward how you treat yourself.
Your ruling planet, diamond-studded Venus, moves into your Selfhood/Ego sector from 28 May to 22 June. Expect Venusian themes to get amplified during this auspicious transit: feeling more attractive (Venus rules beauty) and more charming. Venus (love) in the Ego sector can also bring more self-acceptance which is, perhaps, the most important relationship of all.