World Pride is upon us and this year we are even more excited to be celebrating in our home town, Sydney. To show our support, we are proud to release our annual, limited edition Rainbow Muscle Tank and Rainbow Cap. All profits from sales will go to our friends at Twenty10 again this year as a contribution to the life-changing service that they provide for LGBTQIA+ youth.

Show your support and wear your rainbow with pride.



​​To celebrate and help raise awareness we asked some of our friends in the community about what World Pride means to them, what they would tell their younger selves, their Mardi Gras anthem and we explore what Love means to them.

Peta Friend
Trans advocate and founding member of Trans Pride Australia


How can we help lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender people, but especially kids, to build confidence and feel supported?
"It’s so important to support young queer people, I think the most important thing is to really listen, we live in a time where access to information is everywhere and consequently younger people are more in touch with there gender and sexuality, it’s up to the older generation to make sure they are heard and to create safe spaces where they are free to express and explore their gender and sexuality."

What is the best thing about being part of the LGBTIQA+ Community?
"For me the LGBTIQA+ community has always been my safe space, whether it was the clubs or the dance parties, I always felt it was a place where I was free to be me and explore my gender, I’m 61 years of age and I transitioned when I was nearly 40, being a part of my community and meeting other trans and gender non conforming people has been the best part, we share a bond and an understanding of each other."

What are you doing to celebrate and support communities over this period?
"I'm going to a few parties but the thing I'm really looking forward to is the Harbour Bridge walk on Sunday morning 5th March, 50,000 fabulous and fierce members of the queer community will be marching across the bridge to celebrate World Pride, it’s so exciting and I honestly never thought I would live to see such a fabulous event."


Lizzie Cao
@cacaobeann on Tik Tok


What does World Pride mean to you?
"In a world filled with diversity, beauty and differences, sadly I can’t help but feel a lot of oppression and conformity surrounds it. However, it’s 2023 and we are making progress towards a more inclusive world and World Pride touches on LGBTQIA+ pride and issues on an international level. This world event is so imperative to create opportunities to empower individuals in communities where they felt like they didn’t have a voice before."

Practising self-love and shining is an always on thing but what are you especially doing over this period?
"Learning new hobbies. I always complain that “I’m too busy” and “have no time” as I have a full-time job as well as studying at uni full-time. Yet, when I get a moment of freedom I feel guilty for not being productive or making good use of my precious time. This is why picking up hobbies has been fulfilling in a way that I spend my time doing things I enjoy such as playing the piano and learning to sew, this is what makes me feel good."

Best LGBTIQA+ films to watch and why?
"I adore “Call Me By Your Name”, one of my favourite films. The emotional journey you go through (spoiler alert!) watching two characters go from strangers to friends, to lovers, and then to strangers again pulled on every string in my heart. The beautiful story of self-discovery and maturation is set in dreamy European Summer, which honestly made me feel so nostalgic, even though I’ve never been to Italy before!"


Pete Harrison
Strategy Director


How can we help lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender people, but especially kids, to build confidence on their journey and feel supported? Why is Twenty10’s service important in this regard?
"It starts at a grass roots level — at home, in school, what we watch on TV.

My 10 year old niece and I spend a good portion of our time watching Ru Paul, by her request and I just love how the availability to observe and immerse drag culture is what is it is — this helps with confidence, understanding and importantly, celebration and recognition.

On top of this, shows like Euphoria help recognise important stories about expression and identity that need to be told.

Twenty10 does a great job at a local level to give young people an opportunity to connect with others for support, wherever they need it."

What advice would you give your younger self?
"Be yourself and don’t be afraid to show up the way you want. I probably tried to fit in too much in the early years of my career and having done the time again I would definitely do quite differently. "

Sydney events you might be checking out and why? Anything particularly interesting you have tickets to or participating in?
"I’m doing the rally across the Sydney Harbour Bridge on March 5."

Best LGBTIQA+ films to watch and why?
"Holding the Man is a great adaptation of the original book and play. Such an important story and compelling performances. My Own Private Idaho and Boy Erased are show stoppers for me. Also can’t go past TV series like Love Victor and Heart Stopper too — a bit of nostalgia and naivety from my teens. The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone is a really nice local story that charts the path for gender reassignment for young people and the work Georgie did to change government regulations around this."

What anthems and songs are you adding to your playlist?
"I’m always adding songs to my (many!) playlists — but I’m totally into Peggy Gou at the moment, along with Lil Nas X, Labrinth and top of the list, Robyn."


Kayne Hill
Wholesale Business Exec at THE UPSIDE

What are you most looking forward to for world pride? Anything particularly interesting you have tickets to or participating in?

"I’m excited to be amongst the atmosphere that will take over Sydney and check out as many events as I can. Getting to meet and connect with members of the LGBTIQA+ from all around the world and hear so many different people’s stories is going to be a great experience. I will also make sure I have a dance or two!"

Best LGBTIQA+ films to watch and why?
"Tár. An instant queer icon!"

Ben Lucas & Kate Kendall
Co-Founders of Flow Athletic

What does World Pride mean to you?
"Celebrating diversity , equality inclusivity and individuality"

Are you doing anything to celebrate and support communities over this period?
"Yes , our resident prince of pride at Flow Athletic Simon NGO is holding a spin class with champagne brunch 24th Feb 7.45 am and all money raised goes to the mental health and wellbeing of the queer community"

Practicing self-love and shining is an always on thing but what are you especially doing over this period?
"I love the power of community. The ability to support and inspire. We are holding some cool community events for Flow Athletics 10th birthday including breathework and ice baths ‘ and a Dj Spin class. Events that everyone can come together and attend."