Summer Horoscope (Ruling Planet Edition)

By Clarisse Monahan


Our birth charts are composed of three main parts: signs, planets, and houses (which we won’t go into here). We all have a good sense of signs–I’m a Libra, they’re a Capricorn, therefore we can’t date. But why don’t Libra and Capricorn get along? To answer this, we need to know something about each sign’s ruling planet.

Traditionally, there are seven of them: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus (technically, the Sun and Moon are luminaries, but, for the sake of convenience, we will call them planets). Moreover, we aren’t going to include Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto, because they relate more to modern astrology and  we want to keep this a bit more retro (like the Upside’s lovely new Calypso collection just in time for Summer).

Now, let’s get into the ruling planets, so you can learn more about your sign and yourself, as we close out a very busy 2022.


You’re known for being both a hot-head and headstrong. Thank your ruling planet, bellicose Mars, for that. Along with Saturn, Mars is a malefic (meaning not good). It doesn’t get along with any planets (except Venus). Representing war, libido, and drive, Mars pretty much causes mischief and strife. Indeed, the ancients called it “the Knife.” But let’s slow this negative roll. Mars also gives your sign its boundless energy, drive, ambition, courage, and fierce sense of loyalty to certain causes or people. You tend to fight for or against: that’s the essence of Mars. Blessed are those whose side you’re on.

Astrologically, your planet goes retrograde on the 30th of October in your Communication zone for the remainder of the year. Retrogrades slow down a planet’s energy and forward movement. When Mars retrogrades, you might feel a lot of pent up energy–things not happening fast enough, especially with your words. Maybe you’re not hearing back from people on your story, poem, grad school application. The advice: you need to learn patience and keep working. Don’t slow down just because Mars is going retrograde.




Lovely Venus (desire, beauty, love) rules your sign–lucky you. Along with Jupiter, Venus is known as a benefic (good energy). Unlike cutting Mars, which doesn’t get along with any planet (except yours), Venus gets along with everyone (save grim Saturn). Venus is that force in the cosmos that brings together, whereas Mars divides up. Venus is associated with brightness–diamonds, especially. Your penchant for the finer things in life stems from this dazzling aspect of Venus, which highlights your fixed earth nature with a yen for sensual pleasures and your easy going, sweet disposition.

Venus’s major transit over the next quarter occurs in your Partnership zone from October 23rd to November 16th. This is an ideal placement for you. Expect lots of harmony and ease in relationships around this time, both in the workplace with business partners and in the home with your special someone. This is also a very fruitful time to find romance, if you’re looking.




You’re known for being extra chatty with waiters, cab drivers, and the concierge. Part of this has to do with the fact that you’re an air sign, but perhaps the more important reason concerns communicative Mercury, your ruler. Mercury is the fastest moving planet in the cosmos, hence your quick wit. It’s also associated with trade, commerce, markets–hence your inclination for being in the mix with people, ideas, and debates. Too much Mercury in a chart can be exhausting–genius overload, too much quipping, mind-on-fire (think Robin Williams say, at his most manic). But when Mercury is balanced in your chart, there is no one more full of fun, insights, tall tales, and charisma.

Mercury highlights your Relationship zone from November 17th to December 6th. While you love starting conversations, this transit indicates communication and romance with partners getting extra spicy. Use this three week jaunt to express your feelings—but also look forward to listening. Conversation is a two way street, and this transit portends lovely exchanges.




Why are you so sensitive, little Crab? One moment you’re smiling, cooking a hearty stew for all your friends, then the next, after a mysterious text message, you’re weeping in the corner and playing Bon Iver’s first album on repeat. That’s the Moon talking, friend. It’s your ruling planet and it’s always changing, pulling the swelling tides to and fro. The Moon reflects the light of the Sun and this reflective quality manifests on the sublunar plane with you reflecting the moods of your environment. Emotionally you’re shadowy, halfway cloaked in dark, then you’re fully bright, then you’ve disappeared–just like the Moon itself in the sky.

Astrologically, there is a New Moon Eclipse in your Romance and Creativity zone on October 25th. Eclipses shake things up. This is a New Moon to set the tone for the final quarter of the year. Think about a new art project to start on, whether sculpting marble or a romantic interest into a form that matches your grand inner vision.




Regal Leo, on your throne, eyes have lidded in self-satisfied feline grandeur. Your sign is ruled by the Sun and this goes some way in explaining some of your royal flair. It’s a vital energy, radiating truth, radiating the light of life. The Sun provides a sense of ego, personality, identity It governs over public self and how we appear to the world–hence the quality of royal spectacle associated with your sign.

Your ruling planet will be lighting up your Career zone from October 23rd to November 23rd. This is the most public part of our chart. It’s associated with your reputation, awards and career. The showy Sun loves this placement. Use this month to be extra ambitious and unleash your inner CEO. Not that you need prompting, but this is the season to put yourself “out there.”




Orderly Maiden, your sleeping chamber nice and clean, your criticisms on the film you just saw precise and analytical. Mercury rules your sign. It’s an ever-curious planet that wants to know what makes the clock tick. Its energy examines the inner workings of things–taking them apart, seeing how they fit back together. Mercury is somewhat like the mechanic in your chart. Too much Mercury can manifest in fussiness. But, in general, Mercury leads to a sense of stability in your life and the lives of those around you. If something gets broken, it’s the planet that helps fix everything.

Your ruler, Mercury, flits through your Romance zone from December 6th until year’s end. As Volitiare says, it’s not enough to conquer, you must know how to seduce. You are better at editing, but with Venus charging up your creativity during this end-of-year transit, pen some love letters to a crush. Charm them.




It’s said you’re the most diplomatic sign. That’s true, perhaps. But, more importantly, your sign has to do with partnerships. Aries is “one.” You are “one-on-one.” And that’s where your ruling planet comes in. Venus relates to love and desire, which is to say, the fundamental components in bringing partners together. When it comes to relationships, you either want to make love (desire) or love someone. As the ruling planet of Libra, Venus has got that sign covered either way. This Venus-in-Libra is clearly of a social nature, as well. Some planets want to be left alone (Saturn). Venus wants to bring persons, places, and things closer.

Your sweet spot for the next few months: Venus highlights the Selfhood zone of your chart until October 23rd. Venus in this part of the chart is about showing yourself love–but it also portends being more attractive to others, marriage, and amorous play.




Along with Aries, you’re ruled by Mars, but there’s a difference: you’re a nocturnal sign. Mars expresses itself in Aries as the somewhat rash Warrior seeking glory. However, when it’s in your sign, it’s more like the strategic General making plans from afar. Don’t get us wrong: there is still the element of battle and discord in this Scorpionic version of Mars, but it’s not as brash and of the world, like Aries Mars. This makes sense: your nature is darker, more clandestine. Mars was called the Knife by the Ancients. It manifests in your Stinger. But it also gives foresight to plan lives by.

Your ruling planet goes retrograde on the 30th of October in your Intimacy zone for the remainder of the year. Retrogrades slow down a planet’s energy and forward movement. This retrograde could have you feeling stymied or frustrated in terms of intimacy–lots of libidio but with nowhere to got or no libidio when it needs to be there. The advice: look for other modes of intimacy outside the sex-imperative. Read books by candlelight in the bath with someone. That’s also intimacy.




You’re a risk-taker, on the hunt, bow and arrow aquiver. Your shoot for higher truths. Generous Jupiter rules over your sign. Why so? Jupiter has something of the gambler in him. It is spiritual, yes, but it wants us to take risks, to go beyond the friendly confines of the known, the comfortable, and the well worn footpaths leading to dogmatic slumbers. There is a transcendent impulse to your ruling planet. With Pisces (also ruled by Jupiter) this can manifest in mystical visions of spiritual dimension. You’re not so watery. You leap before you look. And that devil-may-care quality has something to do with Jupiter, too–going beyond what’s safe and sound.

Astrologically, you have a great final quarter of 2022, as your ruling planet dips into your Home sector from October 28th to December 22nd. Jupiter favours bold moves, friend. It wants you to take advantage of opportunities, so be on the lookout for them. Windfalls related to property, getting a tip on an amazing apartment opening up. Take advantage if these come your way.




Saturn: a malefic planet, cold, dry, unimpressed. Your ruling planet. It rules over prisons, confinement, and restrictions. Other than Jupiter, it’s our most titanic planet. If Jupiter stands for luck, Saturn stands for lack. But Saturn also gives shape to things. A Saturn-less cosmos would be one when no one was ever on time or followed contracts or made good on promissory notes. It rules over duration and longevity. You want Saturn well placed between couples–it shows love will last. Your responsible nature stems from Saturn’s disciplinary streak.

For the rest of the year, Planet Discipline highlights your Money zone. This is a time to be conservative with cash. Save (don’t spend) to feel aligned with Saturn’s influence. Working within Saturn’s restrictions leads to rewards. Going out and being rash leads to losses.




Your ruler is grim Saturn. Like Mars, it is known as a malefic (meaning not good). Saturn doesn’t really get along with any of the planets (though it might sometimes form alliances with Mercury). The ancients said it caused crooked shoulders for those born under it. So, yeah. It’s a difficult planet. But in your sign, it’s less worrisome. Associated with regulations, discipline, and time, it helps you view the world unemotionally from afar. You’re not all hot, bothered, and reactive like Aries/Mars. Thank Saturn for that. We need more Saturn/Aquarian distance in this moment of instant outrage.

The last quarter of the year finds Saturn in the stretch run of its time in your Selfhood zone, where it has been creating trials and tribulations since December of 2019. You’re almost done with this very rough transit which won’t recur for 30 years. In this placement, Saturn teaches lessons about the Self–and it may have a few more in store over the next few months.




Jupiter rules over your sign. Along with Venus, it’s known as one of the two benefics (good energy planets). Jupiter is expansive in its gestures. It’s overflowing in its generosity. There is a mystical, holy, even religion essence to the planet. At the same time, it can be excessive. Unlike Saturn, which puts down boundaries, Jupiter gladly trespasses them. Jupiterian energy can be too much, amplifying whatever it comes into contact with. They say: “like father, like son.” Well, here we have: like planet, like sign. You, too, are always overflowing, not the best with boundaries, mystical in outlook.

The big news for you: Jupiter returning to your Selfhood zone for a last blast of fun from October 28th to December 22nd. It won’t be back for another 12 years. Use this time to let Jupiter energy expand your sense of Self. Do not resist the pull of mystical, spiritual feelings, travel–anything to push you past self-limitation during this time.