­­While the past few years were pretty intense, the stars are looking a bit stronger for us now. Our great cosmic benefactor, Lucky Jupiter, Lord of wine and plenty, will be traversing two signs this year. From January 1st until May 16th, Jupiter will be in firestarter Aries. This is a time better suited for solo activities, working out, personal goals. From May 16th onwards, Jupiter shifts into sensual Taurus, and pleasure, fun and creativity becomes more of a focus.

In contrast, our great malefic, Saturn, the penny-pincher, will be leaving Aquarius on March 7th and moving on into oceanic Pisces to hang out for the next two plus years. Ironically, it will be cold Saturn that will feel like a  fish out of water during this transit through the fishes, the most empathetic and compassionate sign. However, it is also a great time for all of us to work more on our interpersonal boundaries (Saturn – restriction and Pisces – emotional).

These Jupiter and Saturn transits, while major, are just two of many. To wit:  like a gentle yin yoga session at sunrise, we start the year easy, with two personal planets (Mars and Mercury) going retrograde. This is a time for easy stretching, and reflection. Take the first few weeks of January to think about goals and resolutions while showing compassion to ourselves. We are then more warmed up by Jan 18th when speedster Mercury stations direct.


While your ruling planet Mars is retrograde for the first 12 days of the year, you have backup in place with Jupiter. This, the most giving and generous planet, is in your sign till mid-May. In its positive valences, Jupiter is all about fortune, expansion, prosperity, and bounty. Mythologically, Jupiter connects to Zeus, the head honcho of the Greek gods, known for granting unexpected boons and largesse to sufficiently loyal mortals. As well as always going big, Jupiter is also associated with learning, knowledge, philosophy, and education. In the Vedic astrological tradition of India, the sign is called Guru, meaning teacher. You have access to a lot of spiritual and meditative energy this year. Make some learning goals and think about what you want to call in especially before May 16th. The most positive day of the year for you is March 21st, the solstice point, which coincides with the Aries New Moon. Mark this on your calendar to take yourself to a higher astral plane



The best and biggest news for you for 2023 is that larger than life Jupiter is entering the sign of the Bull on May 16th for a year long transit.  Jupiter brings opportunities for abundance in all aspects of life, especially romance; think unexpected human treasures discovered on morning commutes or in coffee shops, parks, yoga classes and bars. While all this is very positive, Jupiter can also lead to excess, like a puppy that doesn’t know to stop jumping on its master’s leg when he/she comes home from work. Beware that if you are indulging, especially in Bacchic pleasures that Taurus is associated with (food and wine), make sure you’re keeping trim at the gym too.



Jan 12th might be a good day to start your resolutions (especially health and exercise related ones) with Mars stationing direct on this day.  Since late October, you have been dealing with a retrograde Mars in your sign (not easy). A Mars retrograde is more powerful than a Mercury backspin because of its rarity (Mars reverses every 26 months) and duration (it usually lasts more than two months). Mars is a kind of engine, but when it reverses, we lose its torque. As a result, once it stations direct, you will be better prepared to hit the ground running. From then on until the end of March, sporty Mars will be working more effectively in your House of Self and Vitality. Use this time and your increased gusto to workout hard and establish a groove for the rest of the year. While Mars can also sometimes bring tension, with no Mars, there would be no cosmic zhuzh. It gets us out of bed, even if it then torments us throughout the day with lust and rage.



You get a nice boost from Jupiter in Aries who is making a square aspect to your Sun for the first half of 2023.  A square is when two planets are 90 degrees apart on the zodiac wheel. Squares, unlike trines, usually make things difficult. However, lucky for you, in this particular case, it is actually an extremely auspicious transit. This is due to a “Mutual Reception” that is occurring between the two planets involved. This means that both planets ‘receive’ each other – meaning they get along like a house on fire and want to help each other out. Another fiery transit occurs when Mars enters Cancer from the end of March until mid-May. Mars is quick to start things–fights, companies,  projects. And, if you do have that drive to start something up, you have extra energy during this time – commit to a bootcamp or 6 week intensity training before we get into the winter season. Mars needs a focus – so much better to put this into working out rather than starting fisticuffs (the other thing Mars excels at).



2023 looks like a feel good year with Venus, the planet of Love & Beauty hanging out in Leo for a large part of the year (June to October). Venus is related to self-esteem and so you will be getting an extra boost in that department. While Leo always tends to be leader of the pack (being ruled by the Majestic Sun), with Venus ensconced in your sign, expect to be extra full of charisma and majesty. It is a time for being “seen” by friends, lovers, or family. Indeed, Venus in Leo is showy. However, it is not all extroverted energy – Venus will be retrograde for a portion of her time here (July 22nd to Sept 3rd). Like puberty, a retrograde is an awkward and inherently difficult transit, during which a planet seems to be moving backwards in the sky relative to us on earth. When lovely Venus goes retro, it tends to make the Venusian energy more introspective. But don’t despair – this retrograde is the perfect time to indulge in Venusian pleasures for yourself – retreats away, spa treatments, quiet time, overhauling your closet, changing your look, doing workouts that feel good (no difficult cardio here).



Communicative Mercury, your chart ruler, starts the year back spinning, but it will go direct on January 18th.  You might be better off waiting until this date to express your resolutions by putting them to paper. Mercury is activating your 5th House of Fun & Games until mid-February. As this is such a social part of the chart, this can be a great time to indulge in more group activities. Join a walking club, cross fit if you are feeling like challenging yourself. For the retrograde portion (January 1st to 18th) while frustrating at times, retrogrades can actually invite us to make sure we aren’t being overly hasty with our life choices. They should be used as periods to re-view, re-calibrate, re-word, re-think, re-work how we are approaching romance, communication, spirituality, etc. This retrograde, in particular, will ask you to focus on using your words well and wisely.



Saturn shifts into your Health and Routine sector on March 7th for a long stint. Saturn has a penchant for discipline and the joys of well-ordered days. The advice here is to use all these nice and disciplined astrological indications to rock it in the gym over the next few months. Saturn loves to reward hard work over a long period of time. Keep that in mind as you’re sweating on the elliptical, while thinking about the beach and bikini. This can be the start of a more healthier and disciplined you. This placement also indicates a ripe time to establish a health conscious nutrition regimen (eating right is its own kind of exercise). Maybe even speak with a nutritionist during this transit to harvest the fruits of a healthy diet.



Your ruler Mars is retrograde for the first 12 days of the month so take it easy on yourself and ease into the New Year. Mark January 12th as the day you begin the healthy eating/workout regime. You will have lots of help  from the cosmos with expansive Jupiter transiting your 6th House of Routine and Health until May 16th. What’s more, Jupiter will be in adolescent Aries (Mars-ruled) this whole time, meaning tons of energy for exercise over the next few months. With Jupiter expanding Mars/Aries fire in the Health and Routine zone, keep things hot (high impact cardio, saunas). But also keep in mind that Aries likes to change things up. Make a routine of not being totally routine for the first half of the year.



Your nature tends toward optimism, so your glass is going to look even more than half full to start 2023. Your ruling planet, magnanimous Jupiter, the Great Benefic, is in fellow fire friend Aries until Mid-May, where it will be energising your 5th House of Creativity, Sports and Fun. Jupiter enlarges, increases, and expands whatever it comes into contact with so expect lots of creativity juice to put into projects, working out and having fun in general. Mars is also super competitive, so this can really be a transit where you compete with yourself or others at the gym. The bottom line: challenge yourself with intense workout goals to be met by May 16th.



Your workout hotspot in 2023 lasts from the start of the year until March 27th, which is when fitness model Mars energises your 6th House of Health and Exercise. Your nature tends to be slower-going–long walks rather than sprints up intimidating inclines. But with Mars in this part of your chart, you should have more fire to increase the workout pace. Walking is great. Long distance walking is better. Long distance jogging might be better still, as it combines the high endurance quality of your nature with a bit of Mars oomph. Mars is also ultra competitive: challenge yourself this transit. You can take a break come April.



Mars, the gym freak, usually spends six weeks in a sign, but it will be pumping iron in Gemini and your 5th House of Sports, Fun and Creativity from Jan 1st until March 27th. During this time Mars will also be making a very helpful aspect to Aquarius, called a trine. Trines in astrology are supportive and nurturing, so this means no excuses not to rock a workout routine. Indeed, Mars will be around each day, looking to spot the reps on your bench press and bicep curls. Your curious nature, combined with this Mars energy, might have you exploring different workout strategies. Go for it. As the 5th House is also associated with Romance – you could well find yourself meeting new suitors at the gym or getting admirers there.



Being ruled by Jupiter, you can be prone to excess. This year, however, is your chance to finally become uber disciplined. The changing of the guard is occurring when Saturn, the planet of lessons, comes to your sign starting March 7th. Saturn favours commitment and accepting consequences. With its influence in your Selfhood zone, prepare for an adulthood transit, but also the strength to develop mastery in both body and mind. Saturn loves long term plans, so sit down and crack out your New Year’s resolutions—but be serious about them because you’ve got a lot of grown-up energy in your chart this year. Saturn in your 1st House will provide the self-control necessary for improvement, if you want to make real changes in 2023.