With Founders Jade & Goldie

THE UPSIDE is all about supporting our creative community so when Jade and Goldie opened Rainbow Studios around the corner in our native Darlinghurst we dropped in to immerse ourselves in their creative genius.

Can you tell us a little more about Rainbow Studios and how the concept came about?

RAINBOW STUDIOS has become a creative concept store and a home for my partner Goldie’s jewellery brands Henson and Henson & Gold. We knew we needed to find a home for the jewellery as the brands have grown and evolved over the last couple of years. The iconic ‘blue building’ became available and we just knew the potential it had to house such creativity. From there our ideas were to create a home for the jewellery but also a place for discovery for artisans locally and internationally. We renovated the space throughout the whole of lockdown which was extremely testing but it’s been the most amazing feeling opening our doors and welcoming our community inside to experience what we have to offer. And there is so much more to come!

Was Henson and Henson & Gold something that happened organically, and how has it changed and developed since its initial inception ?

Both jewellery brands were built by Goldie and his business partner Andy Henson over 15 years ago. Henson grew from a love of designing and making clothes from leathers and other materials. And they soon became very passionate about mens accessories and started to learn how to work with silver and other metals. Henson was born and they heavily pushed the brand in Paris and overseas. Since then they launched Henson & Gold 3 years ago and we now all work together and deliver a beautiful custom service and specialise in custom jewellery working with gold, diamonds and gemstones to create one of a kind jewellery for everyone and every occasion. Engagement and Wedding rings have become extremely popular for us and this is why we decided to open a showroom so we can run our consultations for RAINBOW STUDIOS.

Tell us a little more about the mosaic fluted desk that greets visitors as you enter this incredible space. Is it a seriously WOW piece?

This is a piece that Goldie and I designed together and was heavily influenced by 20th century design. We have such a love for retro.

What about Darlinghurst and its surroundings do you love?

I love how diverse it is, it’s got great character and very cool architecture. We’re still close to the water but also the fun hussle and bussle of city living. I think it has the perfect mix and reminds me of my hometown, London.

Can you tell us your fav spots in the neighbourhood for cocktails, coffee, lunch, or brunch?
Pina is the best for coffee & breakfast, Bills is our neighbour and you can’t beat their pancakes! Dear St Eloise for Dinner and Piccolo Cocktail bar for cocktails, it’s the perfect old school bar!
What are you & Goldie's star signs?
I’m a Pisces and Goldie is a Aries.
Are you a textbook Pisces and how do you find it working with an Aries?
YES, I am the most typical Pisces you’ll meet! Emotional, sympathetic and I will do anything to ensure everyone around me is their happiest. Goldie is an Aries so at times there are clashing moments! However, he is the kindest, most generous person I’ve met so it’s safe to say we’re a good match!

What is your biggest source of inspiration when you are designing / creating?
Listening to music, being out in nature but also speaking and learning from other creatives. I’m so inspired by other people and their talents. I also love spending time going back in time to different eras and seeing how they used to style and design their homes, clothes and buildings. Traveling is also a huge source of inspiration which is something I haven’t been able to do for a while so I’m really excited to travel overseas soon and do some exploring to see new and beautiful places and people.
Do you have morning rituals you can share with us that get you through the day ?
I’m actually not a routine person! It’s definitely something I need to get better at as I know it will help me improve many parts of my life. I’ve just always started my day with a walk and then straight into work and then that’s me for the day. I’m trying to include more of a structure to my mornings/day so that the workload feels easier. At the moment I live and breathe RAINBOW STUDIOS so starting my day outside getting fresh air and walking with friends is the best medicine for me.
Number 1 self care tip?


And last but not least, can you tell us a mantra, quote or piece of advice that you would like to share with UPSIDERS?
I truly believe that everything really does happen for a reason and that you just have to trust your path and your own journey. Everything that is meant to be will just fall into place, this helps me stay calm when things get tough. I also think that just smiling more makes life just that much easier.





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