Our mothers, carers and mentors are the ones who nurture us literally & spiritually, but amid the chaos of this modern life mothers and daughters alike need all the TLC they can get. Mother to son Tor and founder of Auricle Ear Seeds, Elle Halliwell has drawn on ancient acupressure teachings to create a chic and effective treatment for symptoms of stress and low-grade pain. Having discovered the therapy while looking for holistic alternatives to ease the symptoms of her cancer treatment, Halliwell, sought to harness the benefits of acupressure in a way that was relevant and wearable. This Mother’s Day why not mix it up and swap brunch for Ayurvedic wellness as Elle walks us through the Auricle Ear Seeds self-care ritual, demonstrating how simple it is to apply and style these uplifting accessories.


Can you share a moment or activity that you love doing with your mother when you get to see her?
What makes it so special? Mum lives in Brisbane now, so whenever she comes back to Sydney I take her out for oysters at a restaurant where we can see Sydney’s beautiful coastline.

You are a mother yourself, what is your favourite moment of being a mother so far?
It’s maybe a bit cliche, but the tiny moments are usually the ones I cherish most. Last week Tor was engrossed in making a pillow fort, and all of a sudden he poked his head out and gave me the most heart melting, joyous smile. I wanted my mind to capture that image forever.

What does love like a mother mean to you?
It’s the worst and the best thing ever all at the same time. Your heart is walking around outside your body, enclosed in this fragile little human, and you’re bombarded with floods of pure joy and adoration one second then fear, and/or frustration the next. It’s a complete emotional rollercoaster but one I wouldn’t get off for the world.

What will you be doing this Mother’s Day?
I’m hoping it’s being organised right now! Anything which requires minimal effort on my part and lots of delicious food. And a homemade card of course!

Are Ear Seeds suitable for everyone?
If you’re pregnant, we suggest only using it if you have them applied by a registered acupuncturist. Some people can also be sensitive to certain adhesives and metals, so we suggest doing a patch test before use.

Do they have to be professionally placed and what would you recommend people do to make application easy?
The great thing about ear seeds is that they work via pressure, so they’re non-invasive and don’t involve needles, making them safe and easy to apply at home. All you need is a mirror, a pair of tweezers and a protocol guide (which our kits come with). Then using your tweezers, peel the seed away from the strip, place sticky-side against the ear, hold down with your finger and gently remove the tweezers.