What’s sweeter than the peaches grown in the orchards of South Australian? Your peaches when you’re done giving these studios a go, of course!

A non-exhaustive list of some our favourite studios to step into – we hope you enjoy.


Eclipse Yoga

Eclipse is a little bit like coming home. It might be the far-infrared heating technology which heats the studios and feels like a warm hug but upon speaking to Stephanie, the founder, but we have a sneaking suspicion it stems from her gentle approach to wellness and her focus on the experience she gives those who set foot in the studios.

At Eclipse Wellness Stephanie believes good health takes time, and there are no quick fixes. Practitioners offer support to individuals and respect where each person is on their journey, helping them find a judgement free space and provide treatment recommendations that feel achievable including practices of nutrition, herbal remedies, movement, meditation, energy healing, and more.

Yoga classes include hot, warm and unheated Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin.

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Studio Spring

As the name suggests, this studio is beaming with happiness. From the vivacious instructors to the studio atmosphere, a unique take on fitness has been created by founder Lauren, who set out to create a studio that offered more than Pilates.

Check out their original studio in Stepney, but if you are wanting to try Yoga or a more integrative approach you can’t go past their NEW studio in Goodwood which also has a space for stretching and yoga, as well as an infra-red sauna.

Social connection is everything in this studio, they even have a dedicated space where you can hang out and chat after class. You will be guaranteed to gain strength, but also meet likeminded, supportive and genuine people who will become friends. A community that helps build confidence and empowering friendships – YES PLEASE!

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Soul Focus

Founded by Dani Winter, SA’s best Pilates instructor, this small studio gives a warm welcome on entry. With Dani you can tell she genuinely cares about her clients and wants to get to know their needs on a greater level, this personalised approach means each client gets the attention they deserve.

The studio space is a modern Pilates set up, with calming green and white décor which has mimics an oasis – you will certainly feel as though you are escaping your busy life when stepping through the doors and leave rejuvenated in mind & body.

Classes are small though, with only eight beds, you better book your class in advance.

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PE Pilates

You’ve probably seen PE Pilates on our page before and it’s no wonder. We fell in love with the rugged coastline of South Australia at our ROAM campaign shoot.

Nestled in the sleepy beachside town of Port Elliot, this town is home to one of the coolest little studios we have stepped in!  Although oozing with cool, the studio is in no way intimidating, its boutique experience means clients are well looked after and cater to a wide variety of needs from 45 min full-body work outs to higher intensity sweat sessions, there is something for everyone, including reformer classes for 60+. This is a safe space to start your journey with Pilates in a knowledgeable environment.

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Form Pilates & Barre

If you’re a Virgo – this is the studio for you. Focusing on results and specialised expertise, this studio provides double assessments upon sign up, really taking the time to get to know each individual body and their specific needs. We also love how they track your results once your sessions are complete so that you too can monitor your progress and keep setting new goals.

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Two words: functional fitness. The Pilates method at this studio works in an intelligent way so that you can improve how your body works. Safe and flexible no matter who you are and where you are in your journey, this studio will see you improving your quality of life daily through their unique approach of blending intrinsic musculature, global musculature and cardiovascular endurance.

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